International Day of Happiness

 March 20

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In this time of pandemic and social isolation, happiness is more important than ever!

What is the International Day of Happiness?

What is the International Day of Happiness? It’s a day to be happy, of course! Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. 

The United Nations invites each person of any age, plus every classroom, business and government to join in celebration of the International Day of Happiness.  

As a UN NGO, 3HO Foundation International is honored to help spread the word about happiness through Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Below is a meditation and a kriya that you can practice at home while social distancing to inspire the happiness and peace you deserve.

Meditation for Happiness and Peace Within

Instructions: Finding Happiness and Peace Within 

Sit in Easy Pose with your spine straight, chin in, and chest out. Warm up first by chanting Ong in the long form so that it takes approximately 10 seconds to chant Ong one time. Chant through the conch, with the mouth slightly open and the breath coming only out of the nostrils. Chant in this manner 5 times, and then gradually begin to chant Ong faster so that you are chanting one Ong every 3-5 seconds. Start with 1 minute of rapid Ong and gradually work up to 2 minutes.  

Kriya for Pleasure & Happiness

1. Sit with legs stretched straight forward. Bend forward from your lower spine and grab your big toes. Keeping legs, neck and spine straight, raise both legs up high. Hold the position for 3-11 minutes with long, deep breathing.

2. Stand up with the fingers interlocked and place them on top of the head. Raise the left leg so that the left thigh is parallel to the floor in front of you. Bend the left knee so the foot is pulled back towards your right leg. Breathe long and deep for 3 - 12.5 minutes. Change and stand on left leg for 3 - 12.5 minutes. Then return to right leg for 3 - 12.5 minutes.

3. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Bend from the waist placing the hands on the feet. Arch the head and back up into cow pose. Eyes remain open. (If you become dizzy, discontinue.) This exercise balances the circulation. Breathe normally for 1.5 minutes. Then, in the same position, begin pumping the navel area powerfully for 1 minute.

4. Sit on your heels. Interlock the fingers behind the back and pull the arms back, opening the chest area, and bend forward. Place your forehead on the ground with the arms stretching up 90 degrees behind your back. Breathe normally for 4 minutes.